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Health and Safety Awareness Training for Contractors

Ergonomics can be defined as the scientific discipline concerned with how the work environment interacts with the worker. When a company fails to acknowledge the limitations of their workers and assigns them tasks that involve excessive reaching, twisting, bending, lifting and walking for extended periods of time without regular breaks, the price can often include costly injuries and inefficient processes. Ergonomics seeks to address worker limitations by focusing on the worker and their interaction with the tools, equipment, procedures, environments and materials used to complete a job. This course, developed by the OPCMIA, is designed to introduce contractors to the fundamentals of ergonomics and ergonomic practices (taking microbreaks, rotating assignments, adding extension handles on tools, etc.), that can be used on the job site to help reduce the impact of work-related injury risk factors such as forceful exertions, vibration and contact stress.

Key topics include:

  • Ergonomics defined
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Injury risk factors
  • Best ergonomic practices
  • Pre-planning for ergonomics
  • Ergonomics and hazard controls

Click the link below to access the course:

  • Ergonomics
    (The course will open on a separate window, make sure you don't have any pop-up blockers activated)

Click the following link to access the course evaluation:

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